Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bunko Night was a Blast!

Hi Friends!

In case you didn't make it to the party Tuesday night, I have posted a few pictures for you. If you did get to be there, I'm sure you will enjoy a few memories of a great time together.  Janie Smith and Leslie Western hosted a delightful night of fun, food, and prizes to a substantial crowd.  There were 50 women playing Bunko from one end of the foyer...

... the other!

These pictures are deceptively quiet.  I assure you this bunch was anything but quiet.

Notice anything funny about Vonda's name tag?

Jan has so many shiny hearts on her sweater!

Paula got really creative with her stickers.

This group is taking a breather between rounds while Nancy passes out stickers to the winning partners. Whew!  Who knew Bunko was so much exercise?

The stickers were VERY important because each one indicated a win.  When all was said and done, the prizes were awarded to those with the highest scores, second place and "the booby prize" in each of the three sections. (I won't mention who beat me out of that last category by one little sticker!)

Congratulations to all of the winners who received gift cards from a variety of stores and restaurants around town:

Georgia Dodson
Sue Taylor
Susan Harris
Bev Zimmerebner
Sarah Wright
Paula Schwartzmann
Jobina Pratt
Heather Slay 
Stephanie Westerman

And many thanks to those who brought the delicious snacks.

In case you would like to thank Janie and Leslie, feel free to leave your words of appreciation in the comments below.  I'll make sure they see them!  

So what's next on our social calendar? tell me!  The Women's Leadership Team is looking for a few "Party Girls" to plan another fun night during the next quarter.  Please let one of us know your ideas for getting together Just for the Fun of it! I've listed our contact information at the end of the post.

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