Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meet Karen Wright!

Hello again, and welcome back to Connecting.  Today, we have the introduction of the final leadership team member, Karen Wright.  I know you will be glad to hear from her.

My name is Karen Wright.  My husband Mika and I have been married for 29 years.  Robert is the older of our two sons and is married to Kayla. They have two children (our two grandchildren); Rylee is three years old and Mason is 2 months old.  Our youngest son, Andrew, is a senior at UCA and is headed to Washington D.C. in a few weeks to participate in an internship (probably as a US Marshall).  I am a Licensed Associate Counselor and have a private practice at the Rix Professional Building. In that role, I have the privilege of providing gentle restoration to hurting fellow sojourners.  I also provide trauma focused counseling three days a week for the children and parents at the Cooper Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center.
Mika and I stumbled into Lake Valley eleven years ago; broken hearted, disillusioned, depressed and separated (on the verge of divorce).  God loved us and did some Holy transformation in our lives during that very difficult time (I hope I get to share that part of my journey with you sometime, but that’ll have to do for now).  I will tell you this, eleven months after our separation began, we were healed enough to courageously merge our lives back together again under the same roof filled with a renewed sense of God, hope and purpose.

As we move forward, it is my desire to stand shoulder to shoulder with women who are seeking a deeper experience with God; A Sisterhood of Faith.   I wish for a time and place for each woman at Lake Valley to explore further her own story.  I long for us to recognize more clearly God’s Presence weaved throughout History (HisStory) playing out in our personal lives.   I yearn for all women to recognize in a fresh and new way their God-given value and purpose and to identify both her unique position and specific role in His Kingdom.  I am thrilled that God knitted our lives together; and am passionate as we move along in His Great Adventure together.

Thank you, Karen!  

Well, that concludes the introductions of the leadership team for Ministry to Women at Lake Valley.  I hope you have a better idea of who we are as well as faces to match up with the names.  In case you missed any of the other introductions, please check the archives in the right column under our pictures for previous posts.

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I and the other three leaders are praying for you.  Have a great week!

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  1. Karen, I just now read your blog post and it warmed my heart! I cannot tell you the times I have looked across the church and saw you and Mika and it just made me so happy! To see you and Mika stay together and through the grace of God, the two of you persevered. Nick asked David and I not too long ago what was the secret to staying married? I replied "Well, it has not always been easy (anyone who tells you it has it not being truthful)but it has always been worth it!! David and I are in the sweetest time right now with it being just the two of us again. Karen, just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you and Mika for trusting God with your marriage. What a testament your lives are for others to see!

    1. Thank you Pat. Ours is a wonderful story of Grace & Redemption! Glad you were there with us during those years!!! Miss you, but so glad to hear about the sweet time you and David are having together!